Genuine swedish craftmanship since 1890


Deep in the forest of Sweden, by the glow of the furnace, master craftsmen pours glass into iron moulds. With precision and careful working solid crystal blocks are shaped in moulds and carried over to the cooling oven.

All production is performed and handmade in Målerås and this makes every piece of crystal unique.


When the first furnace was lit in Målerås 1890, an epoch started where the knowledge and pride in producing fine work has continued through the generations.

Målerås Glasbruk is home to traditional Swedish glass crafts and a strong Swedish artistic tradition, whilst representing a new generation of designers and craftsmen.


The creation of a perfect glass item results from the exchanges between the glass master’s careful working of the hot glass and the total precision of the engraver and the painter.


Modern creativity is at the centre of Målerås Glasbruk. Målerås innovative designers have always driven the form of glass beyond existing limits, in close cooperation with skilled glass masters, painters and engravers.


95% of our purchases come from Swedish suppliers and of these a full 75% of purchases are from local suppliers.

Since 2022, we have reduced our carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 700 tons per year by changing the heating system and switching to electric ovens.

We are part of the UN's Agenda 2030, which aims to achieve socially, environmentally and economically sustainable development worldwide by the year 2030.

Since the 1980s, our glass waste has been reused in glass melting, then mainly because it was cost-effective, but today it is a sustainability aspect.

We filter the grinding water in our own water treatment plant.

The emissions from the melting furnaces are cleaned in a filter plant.